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Vacancy for role of Guest Consultant Editor for Test Reviews (Forensic)

The PTC is inviting applications for the role of Guest Consultant Editor for Test Reviews (Forensic).

With the planned launch of the BPS qualifications in test use in forensic contexts in 2015, we are looking to recruit an additional Guest Consultant Editor with experience of tests used in forensic contexts.

For further details of the role and the test registration and review process, please visit the Test Registration and Test Reviews section of our website.

Details of the BPS Qualifications in Testing in Forensic Contexts

In January 2015, the BPS will be launching its newly developed qualification standards in testing in forensic contexts.

Chartered Members of the BPS are invited to apply for the qualifications via two grandparenting routes, which are outlined in the below Forensic Testing Qualifications Application Form for Grandparenting.

 Forensic testing qualifications application form for grandparenting.docx

Details of the Forensic Testing Qualifications module sets can be found in the below document:

 Forensic testing qualifications module sets.pdf

The Forensic Qualifications Portfolio Template referred to in the Application form can be downloaded here:

 Forensic qualifications portfolio template.docx


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