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Find out more about Test Reviews and Test Registration

The British Psychological Society's Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) operates a test review process whereby test publishers and developers voluntarily submit tests for independent review by reviewers and editors with expertise in the development/use of psychometric tests. The test reviews editorial team uses the EFPA review guidelines 

Enquirers who are interested in the quality assurance of psychological tests can also search the list of tests which have been awarded Registered Test status on the basis that they have met benchmark criteria for psychometric tests and instruments. These can be found at Test Registration

To date over 150 tests reviews have been published on the PTC website and can be viewed in short summary or in full review format at Test Reviews

The Society cannot comment on the construction, use or quality of any tests which have not entered into its review or registration process.  However, we would recommend that before using any such test, users check for reviews in Buros or Tests in Print or other peer reviewed publications which are based on clear and transparent psychometric criteria, and that they check the information in the test's technical manual against the benchmarks for adequacy in the EFPA criteria.


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