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Assessment & Development Matters

As a current member of the Register of Qualifications in Test Use you receive quarterly copies of Assessment & Development Matters (ADM).

The editorial team encourages submission of articles with a broad range of appeal, aimed at qualified educational and occupational testers, with an interest in professional development and psychological testing.

ADM is particularly keen to publish articles in which rigorous research is presented to inform and influence the work of practitioners, drawing on their experience to indicate how practice can be improved.


ADM Volume 6 No_3 Autumn 2014.pdf

ADM Volume 6 No 2 Summer 2014.pdf

ADM Volume 6 No 1 Spring 2014.pdf


ADM Vol_ 5 No_4 Winter 2013.pdf

ADM Volume 5, No 3 Autumn 2013.pdf

ADM summer Vol 5 No 2 summer.pdf

ADM Vol 5 No1 20131.pdf


ADM Vol 4 No 4 2012.pdf

ADM Vol 4 No 3 Autumn 2012.pdf

ADM Volume 4 No 2 Summer 2012.pdf

ADM Volume 4 No 1 Spring 2012.pdf


ADM Volume 3 No4 Winter 2011.pdf

ADM Vol 3 No 3 Autumn 2011.pdf

ADM Vol 3 No 2 Summer 2011.pdf

ADM Volume 3 No 1 Spring 2011.pdf


ADM Vol 2 No4 Winter 2010.pdf

ADM Vol 2 No3 Autumn 2010.pdf

ADM Volume 2 No 2 Summer 2010.pdf

ADM Volume 2_ No_ 1 Spring 10.pdf


ADM Volume 1_ No_ 4 Winter 09.pdf

ADM Volume 1_ No_3 - Autumn 09.pdf

ADM Volume 1_ No_2 - Summer 09.pdf

ADM Volume 1_ No_ 1 - Spring 09.pdf

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