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Training and Research

The BPS provides qualifications in testing in Occupational and Educational settings. Qualifications in testing in Forensic contexts will be introduced in 2015.

What are the benefits of holding a BPS qualification in Test Use?

Holders of the BPS qualifications in test use receive:

  • A nationally recognised qualification in test use, recognised by employers throughout the UK, and increasingly internationally

Having a BPS qualification demonstrates to current and future employers that you are trained to a nationally recognised, certificated standard, and have agreed to abide by the BPS Code of Good Practice in psychological testing.
A BPS qualification in test use may allow you to access certain psychological and psychometric tests that would otherwise be restricted.
The RQTU is an online register of those current and active test users who have gained a BPS qualification in test use, and is searchable by employers and clients.
Our test reviews can help you to choose an appropriate test, suitable for your needs. All reviews of tests are carried out by BPS Chartered Psychologists, who are experts in the field of testing and test use.

  • Quarterly editions of Assessment & Development Matters (ADM) delivered to you and available online at the PTC website

ADM is the BPS quarterly publication with articles related to Occupational and Educational testing.

  • Discounted rates on eleven Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) training
  • Free e-Subscription to the BPS (from 1st January 2015)

Free electronic access to The Psychologist, the monthly publication of the British Psychological Society

Eligibility to join the Divisions, Sections and Special Groups of the BPS - these are our knowledge centres, keeping our members up to date with the latest developments and research in psychology

Free access to the BPS’ membersbenefits package - a range of work and lifestyle benefits

The opportunity to upgrade to Affiliate Membership of BPS for a discounted rate - In addition to the benefits listed above, BPS Affiliate Members also receive discounts on BPS workshops, conferences and events, plus extra exclusive online content

For more information about the BPS qualifications, please download the following leaflet:

The BPS Qualifications in Test Use.pdf

Occupational Testing

The Society issues four levels of qualification in Occupational Testing for individuals who have been assessed as a competent test user by a Verified Assessor.

These are:

  • Assistant Test User
  • Test User: Occupational, Ability
  • Test User Occupational, Personality
  • Specialist in Test Use

Educational Testing

The Society issues two levels of qualification in Educational Testing for those who have been assessed by a Verified Assessor.

These are:

  • Assistant Test User
  • Test User: Educational, Ability/Attainment (CCET)

How do I gain BPS qualification in Test Use?

For information on how to gain a BPS qualification in Test Use, please visit the How to Apply and Packs section of our website.

The Qualification Structure

The qualification structure and detailed information about test user competencies which underpin these qualifications can be downloaded from the Test User's Handbook.

If you are interested in knowing what individuals qualified at the different levels are able to do when they hold any of the qualifications above and have a current entry on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU), please download the pdf below.

Description of Test User roles.pdf

Where can I train and who can assess me?

What is the List of Verified Assessors?

Obtained testing qualifications overseas?

Supporting Publications

The following publications may provide useful background reading to those thinking about training and assessment as a competent test user. Please note these publications outline the BPS test user competencies which comprised former test user qualifications. Whilst many of the competencies are similar under the new test user qualification scheme, there will be some differences.

Educational Testing A Competence-Based Approach
James Boyle & Stephen Fisher

December 2006 / 240 pages / ISBN 978 -1-4051-4659-3 £25.99 (20% discount for BPS Members)

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